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Excellence in English is fundamental for success in education, the workplace, and to be an adult member of society. English teachers at Haydon School strive to deliver high-quality teaching to enable pupils to be fluent in reading, writing and speaking; imperative skills for English ‘excellence’. Excellence to us means educating children in all those strands of English that will enable pupils to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, and socially.

Our world today is a fast-changing, technological rollercoaster, where news of emotionally charged issues – such as pandemics, climate change and mental health – all demand a high level of empathy and resilience. Through the teaching of literature and language, we build empathy in children. We teach them about other cultures and worlds, to impart the value of considering the big issues so that, one day, they may have their own impact upon our world. As such, we also teach them to own their voice. To express a viewpoint; persuade; argue. We teach the stories of phenomenal people, to inspire our children to be just as phenomenal in later life.

Furthermore, we endeavour to develop a love of reading in our students. Reading opens up other lives and worlds; experiences and choices and opportunities. Reading is at the heart of our philosophy, and a love of reading inevitably aids a love of English.

Thus, through the teaching of English at Haydon School, our mission is to mould our students into caring, well-rounded, empathetic human-beings, who are well equipped with the necessary writing, reading and communication skills. Ultimately, this will help students to form the path to further academic or vocational study, employment and, most importantly, excellence in all aspects of adult life.

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