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What is the Bursary Fund?

Haydon School through funding from the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) makes money available to fund discretionary bursaries for Sixth Form Students. Additionally as a school we are paid for individual direct bursaries of up to £1,200 to “vulnerable” students defined as those who are in care, have previously been in care, or if the student themselves is in receipt of income support / universal credit / disability living allowance / personal independence payments.

Type A- Students in the defined vulnerable groups in 2.3 above.  They are eligible for up to £1200 per academic year. This will be divided into two payments throughout the year by electronic deposit. 

Evidence of eligibility is set out in schools bursary policy (see below) and in the application form .

Type B- Students in receipt of free school meals or means-tested benefits can apply for a bursary and the amount will be decided by the assessment panel per academic year. This will be divided into two payments throughout the year by electronic deposit.

The size of the allowance will be established upon agreement by the school and based on individual needs.  All evidence of household income will be in strict confidence.

Type C- Students can apply for an in-kind discretionary bursary for specific educational purposes if there is financial need.  This amount will not exceed £100.00 per annum. These include, but are not limited to:

  •  Costs of transport to school
  • Meals in school
  • Books and equipment
  • Educational trips
  • UCAS fees

What can it be used for

The aim of the bursary fund is to support disadvantaged students with the costs of staying in education after the age of 16, (e.g. textbooks, equipment for practical subjects, educational trips, travel costs to school, university interviews and open days). The bursary funds are not intended to support extra-curricular activities where these are not essential to the students’ study programme, support general household incomes or provide learning support, e.g. counselling or mentoring.


Students who may be eligible for either bursary must complete an application form and return the required evidence to the school to their Year Leader, Deputy Year Leader. As part of their application, students must sign a declaration stating “I understand and agree that as a recipient of a 16-19 bursary, I will be responsible for:

  1. 5% or less unauthorised attendance for term 1 to receive the first payment and term 2 to receive the second payment.
  2. Adherence to the school’s Relationship Charter.  Any detentions/exclusions regarding behaviour may lead to a refusal for bursary support.
  3. No more than 6 lates in term 1 to receive the first payment and term 2 to receive the second payment.

A student awarded a discretionary or vulnerable group bursary in Year 12 will be required to submit a new application form at the start of Year 13, together with the required evidence, so that the school can confirm they remain eligible each year to comply with ESFA requirements.

When and how

Students should apply for a bursary by the last Friday before the October half-term. Further opportunities to apply will be in March (before the Easter break) if the October deadline is missed. Students must apply for funds for specific educational purposes.  All applications must be submitted to the Sixth Form Administrator using the form below.