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Core PE


The mission statement and ethos in the Haydon School Physical education Department follows the core Haydon values which promote and encourage the students to show Respect, Excellence, Community, kindness and Perseverance. Through these values we encourage and motivate the students to take up lifelong participation in sport and exercise through an engaging and diverse curriculum. In our curriculum we teach a multitude of sports and activities which includes the development of physical literacy and skill based performance. We want all our students to feel motivated, confident, demonstrate physical competence along with having knowledge and understanding that establishes purposeful physical pursuits as an integral part of their lifestyle. Our extracurricular clubs have and continue to be a strength of the Haydon School Physical Education Department. We offer multiple opportunities for our students to represent our school, and we are fully inclusive and accessible for all abilities to join in. Our high quality provision does not only include a range of extracurricular clubs, but the opportunity in core lessons to be a performer, coach or official. Alongside this, there are occasions throughout the year for students to learn, discuss and explore careers within the Physical Education area and jobs connected to PE.

We also offer the chance to join the amazing and popular year 7, 8 and 9 camp which gives our students an opportunity to develop skills and confidence in camping, water sports and outdoor and adventurous activities, whilst gaining personal lifelong skills. We have a vastly experienced department both in teaching years and covering a wide range of specialist sporting areas such as football, rugby, basketball, gymnastics, table tennis, trampolining and badminton. Staff wellbeing is of high priority so ensuring that we work collaboratively and trust in each other has led to a well respected, hard-working department.

At Haydon we pride ourselves with ambitious and high achieving lessons where we set challenging expectations for staff and students in order for our students to achieve, thrive and be successful. ‘Achieving excellence in a caring community’ #wearehaydon

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