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About Us


On behalf of students and staff I would like to welcome you to Haydon School.  I am very proud of our learning environment, the high standards of personal development and the amazing achievements of our students and staff.

Our Vision for the school is Achieving Individual Excellence in a Caring Community and the school has a strong ethos centred on the belief that every student will become an exceptional learner, achieving success through their perseverance to make excellent progress. It is this aspiration for all students, which drives and motivates all members of our community. We have very high standards and expectations of our students, which they continue to meet. Haydon students are an exceptional group of young people who play a significant role in creating a warm, positive and friendly community that has a very special feel to it. My aim as Headteacher is to create a school that makes a difference to young people and most importantly, where they can be happy and enjoy growing and developing.

The quality of teaching and breadth of curriculum ensures that our students continue to perform successfully in public examinations, supported by an outstanding pastoral team who dedicate significant amounts of time to support all of our students and an outstanding extra-curricular programme. There are a large number of sports teams, opportunities to participate in school productions as well as music performances. We have links with the Royal Shakespeare Company, The New Vic in Waterloo and our students have had the opportunity to perform at both.

We run an extensive trips programme, which before the Coronavirus pandemic, has included ski trips to Switzerland, Bulgaria, Austria, an annual water sports trip to the South of France, a trip to Ypres for our historians, field trips for the geographers, an outward bound residential in Snowdonia.  We also run a biannual Far Frontiers trip for three weeks.  This trip provides our senior students the opportunity to undertake work in a developing country, as well as trekking and other recreational activities.  Students have experienced trips to Peru, Zambia and Botswana, and Borneo. We are currently planning overseas trips to Italy at Easter 2024, Greece in summer 2024, Japan in October 2024 and Nepal in the summer of 2025.

We also have a thriving Duke of Edinburgh programme, offered at all levels.  Last year over 186  pupils completed one of the three Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award programmes, all of which ensures that our students leave Haydon not only with a set of excellent results but also with the skills and experiences to reach the fullness of their ambitions. I am very proud to work alongside established teachers, leaders and support staff with a proven track record in delivering high quality learning results with excellent outcomes for students.

We are continually investing in the infrastructure of the school.  In recent years we have significantly enhanced our sixth form facilities to provide extensive self study areas as well as a large social area.  We are currently in the process of significantly improving the way in which the school uses energy.  We have installed solar panels on all of our roofs and are installing air conditioning / heating units in all of our classrooms which will not only significantly reduce the school’s impact on the environment, but also provide a much better working environment during the regular periods of very warm weather that we are currently experiencing.

We have recently upgraded the school WI-FI and are in the process of rolling out the use of Chromebooks across the school so that all of our students can use during lesson time.  In a recent survey students have been extremely positive about their use. 

  1. The ability to work anywhere in school, due to the high speed, updated WiFi
  2. They are able to work much more efficiently and independently generally
  3. It increases the quality of their learning
  4. It makes learning much more enjoyable 

Teaching your child is a privilege. Children are unique and precious, and it is a huge responsibility to be responsible for their secondary school education.  We take the role very seriously, and will ensure that they are safe, happy, and able to thrive.

We very much look forward to welcoming your son or daughter to the school.