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House System

Year 7 and 8 students will compete in multiple events per half-term run by different departments to obtain points. All entries receive points, so it is important that each House enters every event. Running totals of points will be announced each half-term. Positive behaviour and attendance will be used to create totals too. The winner of the House Cup will be announced at the end of the School Year.

Haydon's Five Houses


We are Tilbury House

Forms: 7EDM, 7YSW, 8MCP, 8FZA

Colour: Blue

We are named after the dock the Windrush moored at in London. It brought a large number of early settlers from the West Indies.

We are Strand House

Forms: 8PAA, 8MRP, 7MAF, 7CHP

Colour: Red

We are named after the Street in London which was a regular meeting point for the Suffragettes. They campaigned successfully to ensure women could vote in UK elections.

We are Bloomsbury House

Forms:7DAS, 7JPB, 8ADS, 8IJA

Colour: Purple

We are named after the area of London many of our most celebrated authors worked in. For example: Virginia Woolf, EM Forster and John Maynard Keynes

We are Alexandra House

Forms: 7CLC, 7RAH, 8NSD, 8YJT

Colour: Green

We are named after Alexandra Palace. This is where the first regular definition TV Broadcasts were filmed and transmitted by the BBC.

We are Fleet House

Forms: 7TED, 7SCM, 8YAO, 8ARF

Colour: Yellow

We are named after the famous street where many British newspapers were based. The term Fleet Street is used for talking about the British Press which experience great freedom on what they can write about.