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Safeguarding Week


Day 01 • SORTED


We started our Safeguarding Week with talks from SORTED - The substance use and misuse programme of Hillingdon. They were very enlightening talks with our KS4 and KS5 students. Our special thanks go to Helen Baldwin, who led the talks on behalf of SORTED and Hillingdon council. Reminder: Tomorrow we have a special workshop for parents and carers with our keynote speaker at 7 pm. Check your email and book your place.

Day 02 and 03 • Josh Connolly


Mr Connolly masterfully led the talks, tailoring the tone and forms of interaction to the different age groups, including a special talk for parents. We are very proud of our students who attended, interacted and enriched this meeting. It is crucial to talk about mental health and recognise that the challenges of growing up and dealing with your feelings and the pressures of the outside world are there for everyone, not just for you. A simple knowledge but that can make a difference when you need to ask for help. 

Day 04 • Makepeace /Metropolitan Police


Makepeace is the work frontline firearms officers carry out with young people on the consequences of youth violence. They spoke to Years 10, 11, 12 and 13. They presented relevant facts and figures to our students. They were enlightening moments about the role of the police, their resources and relevant points of our law. We talked about the necessity of taking care of our relationships and friendships. Even those restricted to the digital world because online grooming is a reality and not only for sexual purposes but also as a recruiting tool for gangs. Our students asked good questions and showed interest in the topic. We left with an enriched repertoire and prepared to make good choices in our lives.

Day 05 • Brooks - Consent


Our KS4 students attended Brook's workshop about consent. They had a chance to explore concepts and to interact with colleagues in small groups about their understanding of consent and different situations that apply. We've learned about timing. And that is never too late to speak up if you are not comfortable in any situation. Our students came out of this meeting better equipped for some of their life's challenges.

Year 7 • Full day of Safeguarding


A full day on safeguarding. The theme of the day is the responsibility of each person to follow their path. The fact that knowing what you can get involved in is fundamental to making a conscious choice. We have learned about the quality of our companionship, about false friendships and grooming for crime, which at first appears to be advantageous, but quickly becomes harmless and can ruin a promising future.  Our students were attentive and participative. They certainly made good use of it.

Year 8 • Hate Crime presentations


Our Year 8 boys and girls are attending workshops on hate crime. They are learning about the different types of hate crimes. Also, the impact it has on people's lives and identifying and avoiding behaviour that could be considered a hate crime. They saw some real cases that our council had to deal with. It is something present and close and not distant from us. One more bit of qualified information to help us in the task of building characters that care. Responsible for their actions and respectful of others.