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Super Curricular Activities

At Haydon School, we want to encourage you all to become confident and assured scholars. A scholar is a specialist in a particular subject. 

What is the Super-Curriculum?

Learning should not just happen in the classroom and those who go on to be masters in their field spend lots of time independently exploring, asking questions and finding answers.  Super-curricular activities take the subjects you study further, beyond what you have learnt at school or college. 

At Sixth Form, super-curricular participation can enhance your personal statement, give you greater confidence in your subjects, show that you are serious about your area of study, and give you a wealth of ideas and knowledge to draw upon in discussions if you’re invited to an interview.

In KS3 and for GCSE, super-curricular activities enable you to find your passion for learning. 

So, we have developed the Haydon School Super-curricular Activities to help you follow your passions and achieve mastery in the subjects that may shape your futures.

Why complete the Super-Curriculum?

Completing these challenges will give you an opportunity to shine in the subjects that you love. Committing yourself to these learning challenges will help you to develop many habits that will help you be a better student; you will become a more resilient, resourceful and self-sufficient learner. These are skills that are sought after by employers and universities alike. You will be able to apply for courses in the future with lots of evidence of things that you have done to strengthen your applications to university or apprenticeships. 

What next?

Explore the Super-Curriculum A Level Subjects on the sidebar to choose  your subjects , especially one that you are interested in pursuing as part of a career in the future. Look at the challenges for your year group. 

You will need to evidence it so take screenshots or take photos of your work

Get started! 

We would recommend that you print the PDF relating to your subject.

You will need to complete one 'Read, Write, Do' activity per subject.

Once you have finished, show the evidence to your form tutor so they can write down what you have done.