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Satchel One • App

Download the FREE Satchel One App today!

This would be our single biggest recommendation for you as parents.

When a student joins Haydon School they receive their own login details and the login details for parents and guardians.

This App will help you and your child:

  • check your child's attendance,
  • check punctuality to school & lessons,
  • view their school reports,
  • check their praise and behaviour points
  • monitor any detentions they receive.
  • monitor homework they have been set
  • check their timetable

This App will give you a live feed of your child throughout the day and will give you an insight into their progress at Haydon. 

For all the help parents need, go to these video guides:

For all the help students need, go to these video guides:

If you or your child never received login details for Satchel One from the school, contact us via email on: