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Hegarty Maths

Ensuring your child thrives at home with their maths...

HegartyMaths is an online website created by UK Teacher of the Year and Global Teacher Prize Top 10 Finalist, Colin Hegarty.  Colin received these his awards for his contribution to maths education and was last month named as one of the top 10 maths influencers in a recent Evening Standard Top 1000 Londoners list.  The aim of this programme is to provide a top quality home learning platform to students so that, along with fantastic teacher-led maths lessons in school, your child will be supported at home with their maths learning. At home students may struggle to remember concepts they learnt in class and parents often find it difficult to help their child through the methods as they were different methods to when they were at school.

This HegartyMaths system makes it easier for a child to engage with their maths homework.  It teaches (via 800 10 minute videos made by Colin), assesses (in small quizzes of usually 10 questions) and tracks everything a child needs to learn in school maths. The programme aims to have a positive impact in the following areas:

  1. Student intrinsic motivation for learning maths and their attitudes towards maths;
  2. Student attainment in maths
  3. Parental engagement and ability to assist in your child’s maths learning.

Why does your child always have to watch the video?

  1. Ensures your child will be successful: Watching the video will ensure your child will do well in the quiz and feel good about their homework and maths.  We don’t want your child to feel like they are on their own at home and the videos will give you the support they need to guarantee that they have a successful homework.
  2. Helps improve their memory:   Copying down modelled examples helps your child remember their maths and get it into their long term memory.
  3. Method marks:  Copying down modelled examples helps your child practise how to lay out their maths properly to help them get questions correct and get extra method marks in exams even when they make mistakes.
  4. Good revision:  This is revision.  When revising one sometimes has to look over material one already knows – that’s just as important as learning new things as making old learning solid helps prevent students from forgetting things
  5. We thinks it’s important as it helps your child be independent:  Doing maths at home with these good habits and methods will help your child become more independent and be able to learn on their own (a vital life lesson).


How can I see how my child is doing?

While there isn’t a parent app available (yet), it is good practice to check your child’s achievements once a week.

Ask them to show you:

  1. Their home page, here you can see their personal donut. Blue represents skills not done, Red represents skills they achieved below 70%, Amber represents skills they have achieved above 70% and green represents skills they have completed 100%. On their homepage you can also see how long they have been spending on the tasks, watching videos, as well as fix up 5
  2. The ‘My Tasks’ page, here you can see if they have completed all of the tasks that have been set for homework by their teacher.