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Jack Petchey Award Winners 2021

The Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme is designed to publicly recognise the achievements and contributions of Haydon School students.

Congratulations to our Jack Petchey Award winners of 2021.

See the names and reasons for each of the students mentioned below: 

Rishi Arora

Helped provide a review of the school's PSHE Relationships curriculum. This has included reviewing the slides for relevance and importance to students.

Ella-Smith Warwick

Helped provide a review of the schools Year 11 PSHE curriculum, focussing particularly on a new session designed around parenting skills.

Tanvi Masrani

Helped provide a really useful student perspective on new PSHE lessons on diversity. Tanvi helped developed an order on how best to deliver the lessons. Tanvi's contribution has been thoughtful and important.

Daisy Thomas-Baruya

Helped provide a review of Citizenship tutor sessions, focussing on practical ways that students can vote, holding mock elections and discussions on different political parties.

Raman Mothada

Has provided insightful feedback on Citizenship lessons focussing on political literacy for younger year groups. The review included the language used for paired discussions, how to vote and the format of resources and materials.

Roxanne James

Making an outstanding start to PE, attending lots of extra-curricular clubs and taking an active part in promoting sport & PE at school.