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Y11 Chromebook

The chromebook portal is now open for you to lease a chromebook for your son or daughter.

Please note that the portal will close on Friday, 10th March. You must sign up for your chromebook by this date.

Ordering Portal Details:
Email: Please use your main email address 

Username: Haydonschool2023
Password: S3cure02!

Why are we using chromebooks at Haydon?

Students are motivated by the use of digital resources and web enabled devices to learn and develop new skills and knowledge. They respond to active learning and independence. During lockdown teachers and students became more confident in utilising these technologies to make learning more active and students more independent e.g. YouTube videos, interactive quizzes, animations, collaboration through Google Docs etc. We therefore want students to utilise their new chromebooks both at school and at home.

Why Chromebooks and not iPads, Microsoft Surface or some other device?

As a Google school we have an education licence and both students and staff are confident with the Google tools and environment. Chromebooks are not multimedia entertainment centres, but excellent web-enabled tools ideally suited for an education environment. They are much cheaper than other devices, have good batteries and are very light, portable and robust.

Have you negotiated a good deal for parents?

We strongly believe we have. Haydon school makes no money from this scheme. Working with our partner Freedom Tech, we have sourced a proven, affordable, sturdy, portable, 11.6 inch chromebook with touch screen


The Chromebook will be supplied with:

- A ruggedised body resistant to bumps and scrapes (ideally suited to schools)

- A Carry Case (around £10)

- A Google Chrome Management Licence (around £35)

Also included, regardless of term selected, is:

- extended warranty

- Advanced Swap Out and Repair Services

As a school, Freedom Tech provides us with spare chromebooks, to supply to students whose chromebook stops functioning, so they do not lose any learning time.

We have negotiated a comprehensive package for our parents over 28 months. The monthly cost starts at £15.95. You will also be given the opportunity to make a one off payment. The warranty and repair service would still be available for as long as your son/daughter is at the school. There are no credit checks for signing up for a chromebook. You will own the chromebook at the end of the payment term you have selected.

Will my child need to have a chromebook in September 2023?

Yes. All year 12 students at Haydon will be expected to have a chromebook. This will be required for active participation in the curriculum.

What if I already have a suitable Chromebook for my child?

If staying at Haydon for the Sixth Form, you will need to pay for the Google Licence (around £35) and the school will have to set up the chromebook to work in the school and use our web filtering. These devices will obviously not be covered by our repair and warranty deal. The school can offer no technical support for any home purchased chromebook.

What if I can't afford to lease a Chromebook?

The school has limited funds to support families on free school meals or under the category of pupil premium. If your child intends to stay on at Haydon School for their Sixth Form studies, please contact the school for details of the support we can offer you (

Can I lease a Chromebook if my child is in a different year group in the school?

Sorry, not at the moment. We have a limited number of chromebooks protected for Haydon students. The school will expand the number of year groups eligible for the scheme and hope to include all years by September 2024. This approach allows us to move to effectively implementing the use of chromebooks at Haydon in a gradual and well managed way.

Should I purchase a school Chromebook, if my child is not intending to stay at Haydon for Sixth Form?

No. This scheme is set up for Haydon students. Other schools and colleges may have their own scheme or rules regarding device use. However, if you have a suitable device at home, your child can use this device at school from Easter to support them with their GCSE studies.