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Staff List

If you wish to contact an individual member of staff, please see their email addresses which have been included below for your convenience.   If you have an urgent query, please contact the Main Office on 020 8429 0005 .



 Mr R Jones

Deputy Heads/Assistant Heads


Mrs C Whitehead (Deputy Head)

Year 10

Ms A Appleby (Asst. Head)


Mrs M Wall (Asst. Head)

Year 7 & 8

Mr D Gooch (Asst. Head)

Year 11

Mr S Kidd (Acting Asst. Head)

Sixth Form

Mrs J Martin (Asst. Head)

Year 9 Michelle Hitchman
(Acting Ass. Head)

Year Leaders

Year 7

Mr A Maclean

Year 8

Mr N Francis

Year 9

Mrs I Lewis

Year 10

Mr S Knowles

Year 11

Miss H Egan

Sixth Form Yr 12

Miss S Mead

Sixth Form Yr 13

Mr R Hayden

Deputy Year Leaders

Year 7

Miss S Hansora

Year 8

Mrs L Swankie

Year 9

Mrs K Klein

Year 10

Mrs C Barrett

Year 11

Mr Baglan

Sixth Form Yr 12

Mrs A Noad

Sixth Form Yr 13

Mrs P Follows

Faculty Leaders


Mr N Taylor


Mrs S Dale

Maths KS3 Mr A Davies
Maths KS4 Miss D Patel

Maths KS5

Miss E Maher

Performing Arts & Media

Mr T Daley


Ms M Giddens


Ms J Hughes


Mrs M Richards


Mrs M Wall - Overall

Head of History

Mr J Cooper

Head of Geography

Mr R Harding

Head of REP

Ms H Cleary


Mrs A Houston

Learning Support

Ms J Evans

Business & Economics

Mr M Jackson

Psychology, CPLD, Sociology, Law

Mrs E Watts


Data Protection Officer

Mrs L Faraj