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Ethos & Mission Statement


Our students will experience a broad curriculum to become the next generation of innovative thinkers and leaders. Our students will be exceptional learners, achieving success through their perseverance to make excellent progress.  Our students will develop resilience to overcome challenges and inspire others. Our students will be treated with respect and kindness and they will be considerate of others in the community. Our students will leave Haydon prepared to enter the best universities or jobs.  We want our students to be ready for the next steps in their lives and be proud to have been part of Haydon School.


Our staff will experience a collaborative professional community, with quality development opportunities to inspire our students. Staff wellbeing is of high importance and staff will be trusted and valued.  We want Haydon School to be a great place where everyone works together on a daily basis to be their best.


Our parents and carers will be strong partners with the school.  Our parents will be welcomed into the school to be involved with and support their child’s learning and progress. We will actively seek parent engagement in the development of Haydon School.


Our community and the wider world are important to Haydon School. We will establish strong and sustainable local, national and international partnerships to inspire our students, their families and staff.



Contributed by the Junior Leadership Team


The Haydon Values were introduced in 2012 as a result of a whole school student, staff and parent survey that highlighted the values and ideas that were found to be most important. They are seen as the core ethos for students at Haydon and are goals to which we wish to achieve and flourish in. They set clear ideals for students with each value representing a fundamental belief that has become an integral part of student life.

Consultation with Student Voice helped to further develop the Haydon Value message by introducing Good News Notes based around the five core values. These enable students to set personal targets of achievement in and out of lessons.

 The Haydon Values continue to become a valued part of Haydon life with every year we expect it to become a far more integrated part of the key structure for both staff and students. This year we hope to further develop and involve the Values in the curriculum and continue to promote student success and celebrate the ‘Values in action’. 



What is it?

Respect is understanding everyone's situation and helping them in whatever way you can. It is developing empathy and your own opinion whilst valuing the rights of every individual and their personal views. Respect involves you recognising the people around you and being considerate. 

Why is it important in Haydon?

We wish to promote positive relationships between all members of the Haydon community, students, staff, parents, neighbours and local businesses. This Value prepares you for the future and encourages the need to respect people and the things around you in order to be successful in life. If you are kind and considerate towards others then you can expect to be treated fairly by people. You are more likely to be well regarded by friends and by future employers if you demonstrate a kind and caring attitude.



What is it? 

Community is involving and including everyone at Haydon School. We aim to continue to support each other when we are faced with challenging tasks, provide a caring and inclusive system that all can use in order to succeed. We have been able to provide Sixth Formers with an environment they feel is the best stimulus for their learning and will help nurture and stretch their curiosity and interest in education and help them succeed in their goals. 

Furthermore, this also involves communicating and working with our neighbours and local businesses in order to strengthen their bond and connection with the school. 

Why is it important in Haydon?

At Haydon we have a very strong community where we support each other so that we can succeed together. We value the skill of working together and learning from each other’s strengths to help everyone succeed together. It is also important to us that our neighbours and local businesses are happy as every individual from Haydon is a representative of our school. We feel that our local community is a rich and valuable place and by working together we can capture the unique skills available to strengthen the Haydon culture of educational and personal success. 



What is it?

Excellence is when you try your best to create an outstanding atmosphere around you. Excellence is when you create a piece of work thoughtfully, with dedication and to the absolute best of your ability that it inspires others. It is having a growth mindset, the belief and application that hard work, learning from mistakes and maintaining high expectations produce astonishing results and the only limitation you face is that which you place on yourself. Excellence goes beyond the academic classroom too. It can mean being part of a winning sports team, performing in the school play or playing a solo in an orchestra.

Why is it important in Haydon?

Being excellent doesn't just happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work to perfect the things you do. At Haydon School, the teachers and students will help you be the best you can be and then push you further to make sure you are exceeding expectations and passing your wildest dreams. 



What is it?

Perseverance involves you bringing together a whole host of skills. It is easy to give up at the first hurdle or to take the easy option. It is a lot more challenging and makes life a lot more interesting if you stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone and you are able to prove to yourself and those around you that you can achieve excellence. Success is a choice and if you are determined, look at what mistakes you have made, learn from them and stay positive you will reach your goal. Success is a choice, challenge yourself and you will succeed.

Why is it important in Haydon?

If you show commitment towards reaching a goal, you will be more likely to succeed. At Haydon School we believe that success is worth working for, and that it won’t be easy to get there. Making a mistake is not a sign a failure, if you learn from it you are on your way to achieving your goals. In the future, the things worth having will not come easily - you have to put the work in to get them. Making mistakes is part of a process to improve and be a success. 



What is it?

Kindness is demonstrating politeness and a calm positive attitude. We demonstrate excellent team work, working together and including everyone. We ensure that Haydon is a bully-free zone and we treat everyone how we would like to be treated. We say please and thank you and smile at every opportunity. We do our best to ensure that our school community is a happy, friendly place where everyone feels valued and part of the team. We trust ourselves to 'do the right thing' and look after each other so we can all be proud of our school.

Why is it important in Haydon?

At Haydon we endeavour to ensure that we are kind and considerate towards each other. We listen to each other so we can be tolerant of each others views. We are friendly towards everyone that we meet and ensure that everyone feels valued and supported. Kindness is also a vital part of the student/teacher relationship and is at the centre of making every single person in our school community happy and part of our team.