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If you have applied for either a Year 7 placement starting in September 2018 or an In-year Admission placement and have been refused for any reason. You are entitled to appeal against a decision to refuse.

All applicants who fail to gain a place at the school because of the admissions criteria through over-subscription will have full rights to appeal to the Independent Appeals Panel. The panel is completely independent of the school and the local authority with the appeals being held at the school. Appeals will be undertaken in accordance with the current DfE School Admissions Appeals Code 2012.  

Parents who wish to appeal should contact the school and ask to speak to the Admissions Office who will be able to provide a hard copy of the Appeals Pack.

Parents should include any evidence or supporting material along with their appeal form and they MUST also include the grounds for the appeal being lodged. The appeal form will not be accepted unless it states the grounds for the appeal.  Parents/Carers may appeal for more than one school consecutively.

For more information on appeals please visit the below:

Please click here to view the DfE School Admissions Appeals Code 2012 

Please click here to view the Hillingdon Admission Appeals Information