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Haydon@Home Challenges Week 6

Please see a list of this weeks challenges set by our Year Teams: 

Given we now have an extended period of time ahead for remote learning, we have re-introduced the Haydon@Home weekly challenges.  It is a chance to help promote the school culture and also give students some fun tasks to complete aside from all their live lessons.  

This  time we have changed it slightly with each Year Team setting their own challenges for their specific year groups. 

Please see a list of this weeks challenges set by our Year Teams: 
(Week 6 - 22/02/21) 

P.S - Students can also enter other year team challenges (if they wish) & Staff are also welcome to participate!

Entries will also be added below 

YR 7 - Cooking pancake challenge  

Haydon Cooking  Challenge

For half term/ first week back the challenge is : Pancakes .As usual entries are to be made via the google classroom. Please see the attached recipe/ link for ideas ,

Code:  4w6v74k

Deadline: Thursday 25th Feb 12 Noon



Yr 8  -  Obstacle Course Challenge  

Haydon@Home Challenge – Miss Hansora’s Ultimate Obstacle Course Challenge 


Your challenge, if you chose to accept it, is to create an obstacle course at home using items from around the house. This could be skateboard, balancing on a bit tape, climbing the stairs, doing 10-kick ups, skipping for 30-seconds, etc. The main aim is get from one side of your setting, to the other and time yourself smashing through at least 7 different obstacles.


Here are the rules:

  •   You have to have at least 7 obstacles

  •   You cannot move onto the next task until you

    have completed first

  •   You have to time yourself

  •   You have to at least do 2 rounds to see if there

    is an improvement in your timings!

    Try to encourage other members of your family to have a go and see who is the ultimate obstacle course champion. Please follow the link below if you require further information. CBPFkwCHVAbwkJN0eoxvnct403NffQ/edit?usp=sharing 

    Upload a picture/video of your obstacle course and post your timings on Satchel:ONE before 3pm on Thursday 25th February

YR 9 -  Fancy Dress Challenge 

Mr Barreto’s Fancy Dress Challenge

Mr Barretto has come up with an absolutely brilliant challenge this week where students will have a real opportunity to be creative! Your challenge is to make yourself look like somebody famous! This could be be a historical character, a famous politician, a singer anyone we might know. As always use whatever you find at home to recreate it and of course, be inventive!

(no animals were harmed in the creation of avocadog!)


This challenge will be placed on Satchel:One alongside the newsletter please submit your entries through Satchel:One by Wednesday 24th February for a chance of winning.

Yr 10 - Be the Future Challenge 

Be the Future Challenge- Pearsons & The Peter Jones Foundation

There is an exciting competition opportunity for all Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 learners. Pearsons & the Peter Jones Foundation are running a competition for ideas for a social enterprise that could improve the environment and communities. Delivered in a 60 second pitch and sent to them as a recording, it’s easy to enter and they have great prizes on offer.

As well as information on how to submit your entry, there are lots of resources on the Be The Future 21 webpage.

The deadline for entries is 26 February 2021 (5pm).

The Peter Jones Foundation are providing a social enterprise hamper to the winning entry, in each key stage, which includes a hamper of goodies for the lucky individual or team.

Good luck!

Yr 11 -  recreate. famous film / masterpiece 
This week's Year 11 Haydon at home challenge is to recreate a famous film poster or art masterpiece!
Find an iconic film poster or an art masterpiece and use whatever you have in your home to recreate the image as best as you can. Be creative! Think about how you can use normal household objects to represent something more cinematic.