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Haydon@Home Challenges Week 5

Please see a list of this weeks challenges set by our Year Teams: 

Given we now have an extended period of time ahead for remote learning, we have re-introduced the Haydon@Home weekly challenges.  It is a chance to help promote the school culture and also give students some fun tasks to complete aside from all their live lessons.  

This  time we have changed it slightly with each Year Team setting their own challenges for their specific year groups. 

Please see a list of this weeks challenges set by our Year Teams: 
(Week 5 - 08/02/21) 

P.S - Students can also enter other year team challenges (if they wish) & Staff are also welcome to participate!

Entries will also be added below 

YR 7 - recreate a famous sporting moment 

This week, your challenge is to recreate a famous sporting moment. It can be a photo or video. Please see some examples below for ideas and inspiration.          


Links to famous sporting moments:


Yr 8  - Twitterature Challenge  

NEW Haydon@Home Challenge – Ms Lound’s Twitterature Challenge 
Create a 140 character story - Deadline: Thursday 11th February at 3pm – Upload your entry to Satchel 
Try your hand at ‘Twitterature’ in one of the following ways… 
Option A: Choose a well known fictional book/film and summarise the story in 140 characters (the original size of a Tweet) 
Or Option B: Invent a 140 character story of your own.  
Have a look at the examples below for some inspiration 
A boy with a scar the shape of a lightening bolt and an evil conquering spirit split into seven fight for the control of magical Britain #HarryPotter. 
Heading to Paris! A man is dead and the police think only one man’s superhuman knowledge of cryptology can solve It #DaVinciCode 

YR 9 - Fight the Cold with Cold Challenge 

Mr McCloghry’s Fight the Cold with Cold Challenge

Mr McCloghry has come up with an absolutely brilliant challenge this week! Make Ice Cream at Home Using only 2 ziplock bags, cream, sugar and vanilla extract (and salt and ice) you can make ice cream at home. There is a recipe attached, however feel free to add any flavourings you so desire -chocolate chips, cookie dough, pieces of fruit, pickles... maybe not pickles. 

This challenge will be placed on Satchel:One alongside the newsletter please submit your entries through Satchel:One by Wednesday 10th February for a chance of winning. 

Yr 10 - Origami challenge 

Origami challenge! Check out and see how many origami sculptures you can make!​

Yr 11 -  make a model of a historical site

Attempt to make a model of a historical site - castle, monument, famous building, (could even be recent history – London Eye, Gherkin, football stadium… out of any materials they have at home.  The challenge is to make it recognisable!

See help here…​