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Haydon@Home Challenges Week 3

Given we now have an extended period of time ahead for remote learning, we have re-introduced the Haydon@Home weekly challenges.  It is a chance to help promote the school culture and also give students some fun tasks to complete aside from all their live lessons.  

This  time we have changed it slightly with each Year Team setting their own challenges for their specific year groups. 

Please see a list of this weeks challenges set by our Year Teams: 
(Week 3 - 25/01/21) 

P.S - Students can also enter other year team challenges (if they wish) & Staff are also welcome to participate!

Entries will also be added below 

YR 7 - Spaghetti Bolognese  cooking challenge 

This weeks challenge is combined with this week cooking challenge set by Mr Davis - which is to cook Spaghetti Bolognese - see the full recipe here: 

All entries are to be made to the google classroom. code:  4w6v74k.Deadline Thursday 28th Jan 12 Noon


Yr 8 - Emoji Your Favourite Fictional Book 

This week’s challenge is to represent your favourite fictional book as a series of emoji. Many

of you will have taken part in quizzes that ask you to guess the story from the emoji and now I would like you to create your own.

Step 1: Choose your favourite fictional story (one entry max from each student) – be true to yourself here – no easy options.

Step 2: Decide whether you are going to create your emoji sequence for the title of the story or try to retell the whole of the story in emoji form

Step 3: Select and order your series of emoji

Step 4: Take a screen shot of your emoji sequence, ensure that add the title of your favourite story (so that I can check your accuracy) and upload it to SATCHEL:ONE (you may wish to paste your screenshot to a document before submission which is also fine)

The deadline for submissions is Thursday 28th January at 3.00pm

Winners will be chosen based on the following elements: Creativity, Style, Detail and Originality

I look forward to seeing your submissions on Satchel:ONE before next Thursday!

YR 9 - The Card Tower Challenge 

This week’s challenge is to build the tallest tower you can out of playing cards.

This challenge will be placed on Satchel:
Please submit your entries through Satchel by Wednesday 27th of January for a chance of winning


Yr 10 - Ted Talks Challenge  

TED Talks Challenge - over the week watch as many TED talks as you can on whichever topics you fancy, they are usually 10-15 minutes long.

Write down the title of each one and submit your list. - Send entries to your Year Leaders / 

You can find the talks on or download the app

Yr 11 -  Haiku Poem

Haydon Challenge: Write a Haiku Poem

What is a Haiku poem? Click here:

My example:

I’m teaching from home

Staring at red and blue dots

Hoping to see you

Email all entries to :