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Haydon@Home Challenges Week 2

Given we now have an extended period of time ahead for remote learning, we have re-introduced the Haydon@Home weekly challenges.  It is a chance to help promote the school culture and also give students some fun tasks to complete aside from all their live lessons.  

This time we have changed it slightly with each Year Team setting their own challenges for their specific year groups. 

Please see a list of this week's challenges set by our Year Teams: 
(Week 2 - 18/01/21) 

P.S - Students can also enter other year team challenges (if they wish) & Staff are also welcome to participate!

Entries will also be added below 

YR 7 - Skipping Challenge  

Mr Segar's Skipping Challenge 

For students to attempt to do a double skip, which means two revolutions of the rope in one jump or just skip for three minutes.

I have set up a Google classroom for Year 7, which is named Year 7 2020 to 

 upload  your entries to us  by next Thursday (21.01.21)  at 3:00pm . Please use this  code  5mjdlgs  or  use link


Please see Mr Segar’s  amazing video…


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Yr 8 - Climb a landmark  

Haydon@Home Challenge – Climb a landmark by Mrs Phull – Due 21/01/21 at 3pm 
Is there a landmark that you’ve always wanted to visit… well now you can… in a way. It has been inspiring to see numerous people challenging themselves in their own homes to walk a certain distance like Captain Tom Moore or in some cases climb a certain height.

We want you to pick a landmark and climb the equivalent height of it up your own stairs in a 1 week.  

The deadline for entries is Thursday 21st January at 3pm 

All of the information that you need to be able to complete the challenge can be found by clicking this link. 
Please be aware that by entering the competition you are giving permission for your entry to be shared in my next newsletter. 
I look forward to seeing your uploaded submissions on Satchel:ONE! 

Haydon@Home Challenge – Climb a Landmark:

The winner will all receive a certificate upon their return to school.

I have selected one winner this week and that is Aryan Vaja in 8GKP – Aryan completed all workings out and climbed 41 flights of his staircase a day to climb the equivalent height of Mount Tianmen (1,519 m) which is affectionately known as The Stairway to Heaven. I think I must take this opportunity to apologise to Aryan’s parents as I am sure that all carpet on their stairs will now need to be replaced.

Well done Aryan!

YR 9 - The Teabag Trick Shot Challenge 

Week 2 Challenge:

Miss Brock’s Haydon@Home Challenge – The Teabag Trick Shot Challenge,

For this challenge you will need a cup and tea-bag. Stand 1-2m away from a cup (positioned on your kitchen counter), have a go at throwing a tea bag into your cup. Video yourself completing this challenge and send it in.

There will of course be bonus points for inventiveness! Feel free to watch the following video for inspiration!

This challenge will be placed on Satchel:One alongside the newsletter please submit your entries through Satchel:One by Wednesday 20th of January for a chance of winning.​

Miss Brock's entry:

We have 2 repeats this week, first the winner of Miss Brock’s Haydon@Home Teabag Trickshot Challenge was Matilda in 9SAP who ambitiously attempted to throw 2 teabags at once!

Yr 10 - 10,000 steps challenge 

10,000 steps challenge. Challenge yourself to walk 10,000 steps in a day (most phones have an automatic step counter app) - this can be a walk, run or just walking round your house in between lessons! Take a screenshot of your step count each day. Can you get 10,000 steps in every day for a week?.

Send it to us on the Year 10 Haydon Challenge Classroom-  Code-qmu4sfl

Mrs I Lewis | Year Leader - Year 10 

Yr 11 -  Haiku Poem

Haydon Challenge: Write a Haiku Poem

What is a Haiku poem? Click here:

My example:

I’m teaching from home

Staring at red and blue dots

Hoping to see you

Email all entries to :