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Haydon@Home Challenge - Week 3

Read about our Haydon@Home Challenge winners for week 2 and our new challenge for week 3: 

Dear Parents,

We do hope you and your children enjoyed our finalists from the week 2 Poetry Slam Challenge.

After a tough night of deliberation Mr Jones has declared that the challenge 2 winners are:  Loren Stringfellow and Louisa Hawkins in Year 8.  Congratulations to them and all of our finalists.

Please do remember to continue recording all of the wonderful things you are doing each week including entries to the weekly challenges. 

This week’s Haydon@Home challenge has been set by Miss Egan, Head of Year 11:

Challenge 3:  Spin, hit the target and don't fall!

Some sports stars have been doing this recently:

With one hand on floor, spin around 10 times quickly then either:

- kick a ball/toilet roll aiming for target e.g - chair or shoe (maybe not your brother/sister!)

- create a goal with a goalkeeper (maybe your brother/sister) and try and score against them

- throw a ball/toilet roll aiming for a target e.g bin or open window

Points for:

- creative targets

- successfully hitting target

- over 10 spins and hitting target​


Good luck!