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English Revision

Year 11 Parents - we would like to notify you of some key dates your child is currently working towards in English

Dear Parents

I just wanted to notify you of some key dates your child is currently working towards in English:

Monday 6th January 2020: this week will be dedicated to pupils' Spoken Language Assessment. This is a separate qualification where pupils are assessed on their Speaking & Listening skills and they will achieve a Pass/Merit/Distinction alongside their Literature/Language grade in August 2020. We have used our lesson time this week to prepare, but the remaining preparation time should be used over the 2 week break. 

Thursday 16th January 2020: closed book assessment on 'A Christmas Carol' - we have already been revising this text and studied it in detail last year. 

I have provided students with a list of short revision tasks they could be working on over the next 2 weeks (they don't have to stick to this timetable, they are just advisory tasks).  Staff have put various revision aids up on Showmyhomework – the main ones being Audiopi and various youtube clips.   Snap revision books have been on parent pay for the last 3 weeks for pupils to buy and lastly I would suggest that they watch the new BBC adaptation of A Christmas Carol to be shown in two parts over the Christmas holiday.

I would really appreciate your support in ensuring that your child maintains a healthy balance between relaxing/revising over these 2 weeks. Even though revision is important, it is still vital that students schedule in time where they can recharge their batteries and relax with family & friends. 

I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year! 

Mrs M J Giddens

Head of English