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Help your hero parent's workshop

Our English Departments ran a 'Help you hero' Parent's workshop 

Members of our English Department put together a parent/pupil motivational workshop on 16th October to help parents understand their active involvement towards the education of their child and to help them understand more about the subject.

The workshop went through a number of key topics such as : 

  • Lesson plans / curriculum 
  • Exams 
  • Answers to Questions in exams 
  • Help and Advice 

The parents found the workshop very useful and informative  - see some of the feedback below: 

"Very useful session.  Mostly scared me and made me realise how much more effort and reading encouragement we need to do as parents."

"Very informative, hopefully, my son will let me offer him some help.  Good to see the skills that are required. "

"A fantastic eye-opener for parents.  This type of evening should be available in all core subjects."

"A very useful evening highlighting the extent of work which needs to be done by students.  Very helpful to go through the actual questions as this gives an indication of how parents can give help – practice and reading.  Would certainly like to see more evenings like this and also in other core subjects, maths/science. "

Thank you to the teachers for organising the evening, it was useful and help with our understanding. I would welcome them in other core subjects.  More practical solutions about how we can help the children would be useful."