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Transition Work


Foundation Day - Tuesday 23 June 2020

Haydon Sixth Form Foundation Day is held on Tuesday 23 June. On this day students will experience the benefits of choosing to study at our Sixth Form and have a taster lesson in each of the 3 subjects they have chosen.  Our intention is that by giving students the chance to experience an A-Level lesson in each of their preferred subjects, this will ensure they feel confident in the courses they have chosen to start in September.  As well as participating in these lessons, students will also have a welcome talk and have time to make the most of the other sixth form facilities, such as the Common Room.

Students are required to register in the Sixth Form Common Room at 8.15am, where a light breakfast will be provided.  When students register they will receive their timetable and a guide to the day. If students would like to have lunch within Sixth Form, they are we welcome to bring their own packed lunch or money to purchase food from our café.  Students will be expected to follow the Sixth Form dress code.

Transition Work

On Foundation Day teachers will be introducing the transition work students are expected to complete over the summer.  This work is an important part in both aiding students’ understanding of what the course will entail and in deciding if they have chosen the most appropriate courses for the next two years.

 We recommend students not only complete Transition Work for the three subjects they have chosen, but also for their reserve subject choice or any other subjects they have considered studying.  This again, will aid them in choosing the most appropriate courses to study. 

Please see a list of each subject Transition Work below.  We will be expecting students to submit this work in their first lesson for each subject in September.  We are grateful for your support in taking the necessary time to complete this work.