Virtual Learning Environment

Haydon School is a London Champion school for Fronter

Haydon School is a leading London school in the use of its Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) system supplied by Fronter. We have used this system for the past 5 years. For the last 2 years Haydon has been a showcase champion school. This has involved supporting other schools in workshops we host and run and demonstrating our best practice to other schools.

VLE systems provide a number of important benefits for a modern school. These include:

  • More sophisticated methods of communication
  • The ability to deliver more effective personalised learning
  • Personalised electronic diaries and deadline lists to help students organise their workload
  • Online assessment and marking
  • The ability to allow collaborative work between students
  • Controlled access to school resources
  • The ability to set up links with other schools
  • The ability for parents to gain more detailed information on the progress of their son or daughter

On the last point, we are currently developing a Parental Portal into Fronter which will allow parents to access resources available to students.

Stuart McTiernan

Lead Teacher for VLE

To login to the system students should go to and use their LGFL email login details. For example; trobson002.312