Student Voice

Student Voice is the new school council helping the student's voice become louder

Student Voice is about students being or becoming more involved in the day to day life of the school, sometimes including important decisions affecting its future. To develop ‘student voice’ at Haydon School, students are being encouraged to develop the skills, understanding and confidence which may enable them to lead different student voice activities.

Student Voice involves actively working with staff in a mature way so that students can have a greater say in the way the school is run and organised, and about how the school is moving forward.

In order to make the students voice more effective, 3 Action Teams target the most important aspects of Haydon School that the students believe need a change.

These are;

  • Canteen Team
  • Community Team
  • Consistency Team

The Canteen Team is responsible for discussing ways to improve the canteen facilities in the school including the sixth form cafe and surrounding areas. They are currently working with Mr Colwill (premises manager) to develop the food available in the Sixth form café, as well as the branding of the food in the canteen. They have also worked with the school chef to improve canteen facilities by taking suggestions from the students.

The Community Team is the action team with the aim to make Haydon School a better community both within school and outside. Their aim is to create a greater sense of community, through events, competitions and our new Haydon values. In Summer 2012 the community team helped Miss Kilburn with the Olympic and Paralympics sports day with many of the sixth form representatives helping on the day.

The Consistency Team was created after it was raised that students were getting treated differently by different staff members, for example getting lots of detentions/good news notes from one particular teacher. The team met with Mrs Chataway and worked with her to create the new Haydon Values which are being implemented now. This team are continuing to help improve and promote the new Haydon Values in the school, with new good news notes and promotional posters which were all designed by a member of Student Voice. The five key Haydon Values are; Co-operation, Community, Respect, Perseverance and Excellence.

These action teams are made up of students from years 7-13 and consist of form representatives from every form group in the school who want to make a difference. They speak on behalf of students from Haydon in order to get across what students want and need with feedback from their form groups, so that every student in the school can know what is being done by Student Voice.

Within each Action Team there are team leaders and co-leaders who are in charge of the team. They organise and run meetings with the rest of the action team and discuss student voice on the whole as well as plan for the future. These leaders and co-leaders are made up of students from across the year groups. The team leaders make up the Junior Leadership team (JLT) and regularly meet with Ms Papayiannis (Co-ordinator of Student Voice), as well as the deputy heads to discuss issues raised by form reps.

Once a term, the whole of student voice will meet up to discuss key areas as a whole and not just as small action teams. This leads to very good input and allows the whole of student voice to be updated with new topics and key matters.

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