Ravioli Workshop

On Thursday 16th November, the Italian Department held a  very successful "Ravioli Workshop" for year 10 and 11 students. This event focused on how to make traditional Ravioli. The year 10s and 11s  listened to a short presentation on the importance of languages and how they are used at two local companies who sponsored our events, Belazu and Sacla' UK. 

The aim of this event and future events is to show our students that there are so many opportunities in the UK to use your languages and that local companies such as Sacla' and Belazu actually employ staff with a second language in many of their departments. If you have a language and don't want to move abroad, there are so many opportunities for you in the UK. 

We wanted to thank Sacla' UK for their donation of a selection of Italian pestos, recipe books and tea towels, which were handed out to the students who attended. We also wanted to thank Belazu for their donation of sun-dried tomatoes, nut-free Pesto and traditional Italian pesto. 

Thank you to Mr Holbrook who made the dough and taught us how to make ravioli,  to Food Tech for letting us take over the Food Tech room and to the Media Department for taking the photos; some of which are on the school's Twitter feed. 

Look out for other exciting Italian events over the next few months! ​




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