Ethos and Mission Statement



Our students will experience a broad curriculum to become the next generation of innovative thinkers and leaders. Our students will be exceptional learners, achieving success through their perseverance to make excellent progress.  Our students will develop resilience to overcome challenges and inspire others. Our students will be treated with respect and kindness and they will be considerate of others in the community. Our students will leave Haydon prepared to enter the best universities or jobs.  We want our students to be ready for the next steps in their lives and be proud to have been part of Haydon School.


Our staff will experience a collaborative professional community, with quality development opportunities to inspire our students. Staff wellbeing is of high importance and staff will be trusted and valued.  We want Haydon School to be a great place where everyone works together on a daily basis to be their best.


Our parents and carers will be strong partners with the school.  Our parents will be welcomed into the school to be involved with and support their child’s learning and progress. We will actively seek parent engagement in the development of Haydon School.


Our community and the wider world are important to Haydon School. We will establish strong and sustainable local, national and international partnerships to inspire our students, their families and staff.