Welcome to Haydon

On behalf of students and staff I would like to welcome you to Haydon School. Haydon is an Academy for students aged 11-18 years. We welcome students of all abilities and we seek the best from every student, irrespective of ability. As it says in our Mission Statement and aims, we are firmly committed to individual excellence, ensuring that all students fulfil their potential.

Haydon is superbly equipped. In recent years, over £10 million has been spent on new buildings and refurbishment providing a  new Performing Arts Block, new Science Laboratories, a new Art & Design building and the Sixth Form Common Room. The £2.5 million development of the new Activity Centre will be completed by November 2014 and as well as providing an excellent new sports facility will improve student movement around the site by joining the Dobson and St Mary's buildings.  As a result of this investment, the students now have outstanding facilities.

In June 2007 Haydon was inspected by Ofsted and we are delighted to tell you that it was declared ‘Outstanding’ in every category. We recently received a letter from Ofsted who had re-monitored our progress and carried out an interim assessment. Their judgement was that ‘the school’s performance has been sustained’, which is very pleasing. Part of the reason for this success is that Haydon is a happy school where staff and students respect each other. Ofsted noted the ‘particularly positive relationships between teachers and students ensure an excellent climate for learning’.

This is clearly borne out by our examination results. In 2014 the Year 13 A-level and BTEC National results were excellent: just over 50% of grades were at A* to B and 77% at A* to C. The school broke its record for A* grades with 8.7% of entries graded A* up from the previous best of 4.8% in June 2013. The total number of students going on to University in September 2014 currently stands at 178.  In Year 12 the results were also outstanding. Leading the way was the 20% of Haydon students awarded the highest grade of A.  The previous record was 14%.  The A to B at 37% and the A to C at  55% also beat previous records resulting in the 2014 AS results being the best ever.

At GCSE,  71% of students gained 5 A* to C passes including English and Mathematics. 24% of all entries were graded A or A* and over 50% were graded A* to B. In mathematics, 82% of students achieved A* to C and in English Language the figure was 77%

In 2014, the school was re-designated as an Investor in People school and received the highest accreditation of ‘Gold’ in recognition of its commitment to staff training. ‘Achieving accreditation against ‘Gold’ is a huge achievement and it is a clear reflection of the importance Haydon places on learning and development’. The school was also awarded the Inclusion Mark in 2014. In January 2013 we commissioned Kirkland Rowell to carry out a survey of parent attitudes towards the school. The parents ’gave a very good overall performance score of 78%’. Many of the parents who commented said how happy and confident their children had been since starting at Haydon School.   

We are proud of our school and were delighted when inspectors declared that ‘student achievement is outstanding at all key stages’. This is after all what we are here for and it is reassuring to have such a complete endorsement of our excellence from Ofsted.

Perhaps the most satisfying comment made by Ofsted is ‘students leave the school as mature and confident young people, who are exceptionally well prepared for their future lives in education and the world of work’. Haydon School is a delightful place to learn. There are always exciting opportunities being made available for the students. We make a significant effort to provide students with a huge range of extra-curricular activities. There are a large number of sports’ teams, opportunities to participate in school productions as well as music performances. Each year there are over 100 school trips organised by staff. In the last year these have included a World Challenge Expedition to Zambia and Botswana involving 88 students and 10 staff,  a ski trip to the USA, a cultural visit to China as well as a number of foreign exchange placements and a visit to the Christmas markets in Cologne.


Robert Jones BSc (Econ), MBA, NPQH

Head Teacher

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