Jessica Neville

CURRENT JOB TITLE/COURSE, Assistant CAD designer at Hollister


FAVOURITE SUBJECT IN HAYDON SCHOOL AND WHY? My favourite subject at Haydon was Textiles, as I have always loved to be creative. I had an interest in design from a very young age and textiles allowed me to develop my drawing and design skills so that I could go on to study the subject at university.  

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE SINCE LEAVING HAYDON SCHOOL ? Since leaving Haydon School I went on to study Textiles at Loughborough University, I specialised in print design and after three years I graduated with a First Class Honours Degree. After my degree show at my University I was selected to exhibit my work at New Designers which helped me to get exposure in the Textile Industry. From this exhibition I sold designs to an American greeting card company, Papyrus, and a high end interior Company, Osborne and Little, bought some of designs to use in their wallpapers and fabrics. I ended up working as an assistant designer at Osborne & Little for six months before moving to the USA in February this year. I now work as an Assistant CAD designer on the Hollister girls team, this means I work on the print and pattern designs for the clothes you see in the stores.  

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT IN LIFE AND HOW DID YOUR EXPERIENCE AT HAYDON SCHOOL HELP YOU TO ACHIEVE OTHER SUCCESSES? In my final year at university Abercrombie & Fitch interviewed selected students from the top design universities in the country, I was then asked to complete a design project for them. After three more interview stages I was told I got the job and I would be moving to Columbus, Ohio in the USA for a year to work as a CAD designer at the Abercrombie & Fitch Home Office. It was such a big achievement because I never expected to be the one picked out of such a large amount of graduates. Working really hard throughout my time at Haydon and always trying to get the best grades I could ultimately gave me an advantage over some of the other graduates who also applied for the job. 

WHAT ONE PIECE OF ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO CURRENT STUDENTS? I would say to always try your absolute best because even if you think your grades and achievements don’t really matter right now, they will in the future. Looking back I’m really glad I worked hard, put in all my effort and met deadlines because in the real world, when you get a job you have to do all those things anyway.  

WHAT’S YOUR NEXT BIG GOAL? My next big goal is to potentially come back out to the USA after my year visa runs out to continue working my way up at Abercrombie. I’d love start my own interior design business one day also, once I’ve worked in fashion for a few years first.

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