On line safety

E Safety Policy

Snapchat Poster from National Online Safety 

On Line Safety Letter 30 11 15

Educating against hate extremism and radicalisation - Letter_to_all_Parents_26.01.16

Further Advice for parents on E-Safety 06.01.16

NSPCC A Parents 'guide to being Share aware - helping you to keep your child safe on line

DFE - advice for parents on cyber bullying

 Child Sexual Exploitation

Keeping it together - A parents'' guide to coping with child sexual exploitation

Barnardo's: Are you a parent or carer? Help cut out children and young people free from sexual exploitation 

Anxiety in children

Some very young children through to older secondary school aged children can become over anxious  and this can become a real concern for parents. The teenage years can be a fraught time for adolescents and parents alike. It is time of rapid physical development and emotional change and this can be very uncomfortable. You might find these resources useful in helping children in their anxiety

Anxious Child (Mental Health Foundation)

Anxiety and Phobias (Young Minds

Worries and Anxieties (Royal College of Psychiatrists)