Visit by Japanese Civil Servants

On Friday 7 November three members of Gifu Prefectural Board of Education in Japan visited Haydon School including the Superintendent of the BOE and the Principal of Seki City High School. Seki City High School has just been designated by the Japanese government as a “Super Global High School” and the purpose of the visit to Haydon was to examine how we promote international links, set up pupil visits and exchanges and celebrate international diversity within the school. The visitors met with the Head Teacher Mr Jones and Mr Squibb to discuss how the school encourages pupils to be involved in international projects and then they met with a group of Year 11 pupils studying GCSE Japanese.

Mr Kato, Principal of Seki High School said, “We heartily appreciate you gave me a warm welcome when we visited your school. We enjoyed watching many classes and talking with your teachers or students. I have realized your school is putting a good education into practice through many good programs.”

Haydon School is now looking at how we can co-operate on future projects with Seki High School. You can find out more information about the school on their website at

Japanese Civil Visit


Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Education Minister Visits Haydon School

On Tuesday 21 January 2014 Haydon School hosted a visit by Her Excellency Dr Haya Al-Awad, the Deputy Education Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and a group of delgates from Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education. Dr Haya Al-Awad holds responsibility for girls’ education in Saudi Arabia and has a particular professional interest in Special Educational Needs.

The Minister and her colleagues were in the UK to take part in the World Education Forum and visited Haydon School to find out about SEN provision within the school. Saudi Arabia is currently reforming its education system and Dr Haya Al-Awad was keen to hear directly from teachers and support staff about their experiences. Mrs Guest gave the visitors a short presentation detailing Haydon’s SEN and Inclusion Policies and they then recevied a tour of the SEN department and the Link where they spoke with staff and asked questions about the practicalities of supporting students within school. The visit concluded with an informal meeting and question and answer session with the Head Teacher Mr Jones, Mrs Guest and Mrs Bloss.


Japanese Day 2013

   On 25th October 2013 20 students came from Osaka in Japan to visit us at Haydon School. A group of Haydon students who learn Japanese were each paired up with a Japanese student for the day. First we took the students on a quick tour of the school, in the rain, but spent most of it frantically looking for vocabulary sheets and trying to describe which lessons took place where. After this we all met back up in the library where a teacher and student from Japan gave a short speech about how honoured and excited they felt to be able to come to Haydon and see what life is like in an English school. Then we went to class and our Japanese partners came with us to observe. The Girls told us that their schools in Japan weren’t that different from ours and they seemed to quite enjoy being in class with us, especially when the other students made the effort to talk with them and even say a few words in Japanese. At lunch they all ate in the canteen but looked very surprised when we explained to them that it was perfectly acceptable to pick up the food with their hands to eat it! However it was then time for the Japanese students to go and after lots of photos, hugs and gift giving we said goodbye. It was an amazing day and we all really enjoyed getting to know the students, tell them about England and learn more about Japan, albeit in very broken English and Japanese! I really hope we can do something like this again in the future or maybe go to visit them in Japan!

Emma Hewetson 10DNJ

Japanese Visit

Visit from F. F. Runge Gymnasium, Germany

On Thursday 5 September a group of pupils from the F. F Runge Gymnasium in Berlin Germany came to Haydon to work with pupils in Year 9 on a joint history project. The pupils in both schools had been communicating the previous year and exchanged introductory letters about each other and were very excited to finally meet and work together. Each school studied various topics of British and US history including the founding of the English National state, slavery in the US, Great Britain in the age of imperialism and the founding of the US. During the visit, both groups of students worked together to analyse how these topics are taught in each country and whether the textbooks of each country showed any particular bias towards these events. Students created a joint timeline of the events and prepared presentations together to display the results of their research.


Visit by Teachers from Korea

On Thursday 18 and Wednesday 24 November 2012 Haydon School hosted over 40 visiting teachers from South Korea. The teachers stopped off at Haydon as part of a busy tour of Europe which involved visiting other schools in Ireland, England, France and Switzerland. They met with the Head Teacher Mr Jones and were keen to find out more information about school life in the UK. They also had meetings with other members of staff and discussed topics such as how Haydon supports students who aren’t native speakers of English, how we help students make decisions about their career choices and Haydon’s Curriculum, Anti-bullying and Behaviour for Learning policies. The teachers were also greatly enthused by the lessons they observed. Mr Park Jungyun from Chuncheongbukdo Office of Education said, “In the classrooms your students learn various language and vocational skills. We know that your students are very polite and concentrate on their study” and Mr Kim Jinsung commented that “The most impressive thing felt in Haydon School is bright happy smiles of students and teachers”. The visiting teachers returned to Korea with many new ideas and ways of teaching learnt from their visit to Haydon School. Thank you to all staff and students who supported this visit and contributed to its success.