Accelerated Reading

Accelerated Reading Scheme for year 7 & 8 Students 

Reading at Haydon is changing


We are excited to announce the introduction of our new Accelerated Reading scheme (AR) for year 7 and 8 which aims to foster reading for pleasure, but also has the potential to produce an average of two years’ reading growth for our students in just one academic year.

AR is geared towards motivating students of all ages to read more suitably challenging books through a reading programme that aims to meet the individual needs of every student.


After your child has read their book they will then take a quiz which will enable the librarians and English teachers to see that they have understood it. The results of this quiz will produce a printed report which will provide information on how well they have done which they can bring home to show you.

We have also introduced the ‘100% quiz club’, where those students who get 100% in their quizzes get pride of place on our library display board and go into a prize draw at the end of every half-term.  Definitely very motivational!


The aim of this programme is to create a competitive and fun approach to reading, improve literacy and enable your child to take ownership of their progression. 

We have now introduced fortnightly library lessons for year 7 and 8 students which will provide your child with the opportunity to renew books, talk to their teacher regarding reading habits and progress and take quizzes.

We very much hope you will support this programme by ensuring your child reads as much as possible at home.

Please feel free to find out more information on this scheme by clicking here: and also

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